Bad Homburg, Germany – Orthopädie am Kurhaus

Since February 2018, Dr. Jan Wolff has also been using Dr. Alfen’s concept in his orthopedic practice at the Kurhaus in Bad Homburg. Over 70% of the patients who visit Dr. Wolff’s orthopedic practice have problems in the area of the spine. For these patients, the conservative training concept according to Dr. Alfen is now available in a direct way, which leads to pain relief in over 80% of cases. Currently, two specially trained therapists supervise the training of the patients, thus ensuring the same quality and efficiency as in the private orthopedic practice of Dr. Alfen in Würzburg.
We are looking forward to the cooperation!


Orthopädie am Kurhaus
Dres. med. J. Wolff, N. von Meibom,
M. Brkic, M. Müller-Rau

Louisenstraße 63
61348 Bad Homburg